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Forever Thankful

Today my son, Timothy, is 28 years old.  In 1987, at the age of 3 1/2, Tim joined our family by way of adoption. “Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts,      You were longed for … Continue reading

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Starring the One and Only … Mariah Day!

On October 17, 1980 I had the most amazing home birth.  Just Bruce and the kids (Sean, 13, Deidra, 4, and Dustin, 2) along with my friend Andy, who came as my coach.  Having now had three hospital births, I … Continue reading

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Today in Puerto Viejo

Our day started with a visit to the indigenous curandaro, Candido.  Today we were invited into the new building that will eventually house the reception/waiting area.  Little did we know that today was a day for fun and games! Tim … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Good Times

Surgery is hardly a pleasurable activity but I must say this trip for stage 2 breast reconstruction has been more enjoyable than painful. A whole week of mother/daughter time in a city alive with amazing food, drink, music, and non-stop … Continue reading

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The Human Metamorphosis

Little kids — cuddly, sociable,  magical, fascinated, delightful, captivating, excitable, giggly, carefree,  curious, exuberant, spontaneous, eager,  loving. Teenagers (not so much any of the above or below) — persnickety, omnipotent, oversensitive, quarrelsome. Adult children — passionate, patient, observant, pensive, reasonable, … Continue reading

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Before I Kick the Bucket

Decided to start working on my Bucket List.   I’ll update from time to time, let you know how it’s coming.  Hope you all are working on your own.  You do know you don’t have to be “aging” to have a … Continue reading

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God’s Sense of Humor

We are parents to nine children.  It wasn’t planned, it just happened.  My husband brought two children into our marriage, and then we had three home-made babies.  Oh, my goodness, I remember those days.  Three babies…all two years apart.  I … Continue reading

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