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Water Therapy in the River, Bribri Style

When Candido first mentioned water therapy in the nearby river, Bruce was a bit hesitant. Having our son, Sean, recommend a recent TV documentary about crocodiles in Costa Rica was poorly timed and, as you could imagine, did little to … Continue reading

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Today in Puerto Viejo

Our day started with a visit to the indigenous curandaro, Candido.  Today we were invited into the new building that will eventually house the reception/waiting area.  Little did we know that today was a day for fun and games! Tim … Continue reading

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Return to the Indigenous Herbal Healer, Don Candido Morales

Our main reason for returning to Puerto Viejo this summer was to continue treatment by the indigenous curandero, Don Candido Morales .  But this year, rather than just Timoteo, we have all  (Bruce, Kayla and I) decided to see him. We had expected to … Continue reading

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Search For A Difference

Earlier I reported on indigenous medicine in Costa Rica and our family’s experience with one of the last healers in the area, Don Candido Morales.  We are so fortunate to be returning for two months this summer to continue treatment. … Continue reading

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Rustic Pleasures

I reserved a small house in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica today.   Tim will continue his treatments with Don Candido, Kayla will spend the majority of her time in the warm Caribbean water, and I will enjoy renewing the friendships begun … Continue reading

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Indigenous Medicine is alive and well in Costa Rica

I first heard of Don Candido, a Bri Bri indigenous medicine man when I was down in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica in February 2010. After returning home, I did some on-line investigation and decided we would contact him when we … Continue reading

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