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New Beginnings

As we enter into the new year, Mr D and I have some ideas for where we wish life to take us. I use the word “ideas” rather than “plans” because as much as we hope these ideas pan out, … Continue reading

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Fighting Fears & Fulfilling Wishes

I turned 60 a few weeks ago.  “Turned” is not exactly the word though.  Turned implies I executed some action, such as “turned a page in a book” or “turned to face the speaker”.  This particular “turning” was void of … Continue reading

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I Am Sure I Am Too Young To Be This Old!

This year I will be 60.   Sixty?  Even I know that is REALLY REALLY old!   It was supposed to take for–E–V–E–R to reach this ancient milestone.   Why the heck is it right around the corner?  I distinctly heard … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Good Times

Surgery is hardly a pleasurable activity but I must say this trip for stage 2 breast reconstruction has been more enjoyable than painful. A whole week of mother/daughter time in a city alive with amazing food, drink, music, and non-stop … Continue reading

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I learned a new word today and thought I’d share it. Though this word can sound directly like “Man, oh, pot!” it is not referring to the scoring of a desirable smoking substance.  No, menopot is not to be desired.  … Continue reading

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Don’t Want To Bother Anyone

For those of you who are my FB friends, please bear with me as I repost part of recent FB status of mine: My 86 year old mother trips and falls not today but last night. It is dark outside … Continue reading

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