Eating fresh in Costa Rica and loving it!

Saturday morning here in Puerto Viejo always starts with an early morning trip to the feria, the outdoor market.  Today by 8 am, the place was hopping.

Saturday Market

This is the  place to purchase goat cheeses and milk, eggs, fresh chicken, and a variety of fruits and vegies.  I make it a point each week, to purchase some fruit or vegetable that’s unfamilar to me.  My only criteria is knowing, do I cook it or eat it raw.

People at the Saturday Market

With so many people, it’s a great social event too.  We ran into Stash this morning and got the scoop on  aspecial “Japanese Fusion” event at his restaurant July 2nd.  He also invited us to stop by with the “kids” for a drink.  He’s a great guy and an amazing cook.  He started with Loco Natural when it first opened and here 10 years later, he owns the restaurant.  If you ever get here to visit, Stash’s ConFusion is definitely THE place to eat!

Jewlery is another thing you will find at the feria.

Person looking at a vendor's jewlery

Vendor selling his jewelry

Family Art features indigenous jewelry and carved art by a wonderful husband and wife team.  I purchased several pieces last year.

Young woman making fresh tortillasIn addition, you can find freshly made tortillas, empendas, tamales, and bakery goods.  All very tempting indeed.

Bruce in his bright orange shirt among the multitude of bikes parked at the feria.People come to the feria by bike, foot, scooter or car. Thank goodness Bruce wore the right shirt this morning, so I didn’t lose sight of him!!

Fuschia colored, spikey fruit

Today’s mystery fruit is Mamon Chinos. Very tropical appearance.

Mamon Chino shell  opened to reveal the fruit inside.  Popping the fruit in your mouth, the taste and texture is very similar to a skinless grape but with an oversized seed that needs to be spit out.  Refreshing and healthy snack food!

Mamon Chino shell  opened to reveal the fruit inside

My other find today was a vegetable I fell in love with last summer — heart of palm.

Plate of fresh heart of palm

This is the inner core of certain palm trees.  I tried canned heart of palm when I returned home last year and, my advice is,  don’t waste your money.  Besides Costa Rica, I don’t know where this vegetable grows but if you do find it, here’s my favorite recipe.  Very simple.

After briefly steaming, rinse in cold water and cut into chunks, add tomatoes and avacados.  Finish off with an oil and vinegar dressing.  Delicioso!

This afternoon I just couldn’t help tossing all the fresh vegies plus some sweet mango into one big salad.  In such hot weather, a salad is about all a person wants … and maybe some watermelon!  Did I mention, I currently have a major love affair going with watermelon?  At least down here, watermelon even tops chocolate! Best food EVER!!


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11 Responses to Eating fresh in Costa Rica and loving it!

  1. Love this post! Have reblogged it on my blog: Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on Footprints In Ecuador and commented:
    I really love the picture that My Quest also paints here about Costa Rica. Since I want to learn all about where to visit in South America and other South America attractions this blog is great information on South America.

  3. Janis says:

    Your mystery fruit is indigenous in my lovely country, Philippines and is called “Rambutan” (rahm-boo-‘tahn) And the heart of palm is called “ubod” (‘ooh-bohd) and we make fresh rolls with those together with other veggies and finished with peanut sauce. please click on link. You can make it! It’s very simple! very healthy, too.

  4. I followed you here from Judith’s shout out and glad I did! I’m hooked!

    • dbdaze says:

      Nice to cyber-meet you, Chris! Blogging has really helped me explore so much more about myself, to discover and accept feelings that I have been unaware of. An unexpected plus are the folks who have dropped by to read and comment — thank you!

  5. Bobbe McGill says:

    I love the way you cropped that picture for the top of the page. Very artsy and evocative.

  6. mariahday says:

    The fruit you ate is also found in Vietnam! We ate it almost every day! 🙂

    • dbdaze says:

      Well, isn’t that interesting! I was just thinking that Costa Rica’s hot humid weather wouldn’t be all that much different from Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. How nice to know there might even be some of the same tropical fruits as found here. Maybe I’ll get there yet!

  7. judithhb says:

    Making the most of your time there. And hopefully seeing some improvement in the family’s health.

    • dbdaze says:

      I don’t know about “making the most of our time”. We haven’t done any of the normal tourist things. Seems we’re more in the “experiencing the culture” mode! Very relaxing, lots of bike riding, meeting new and old friends, enjoying the warm waters and delicious foods. The affordability of all the alternative medicines and therapies is a huge plus and we are definitely taking advantage of them all.

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