Water Therapy in the River, Bribri Style

When Candido first mentioned water therapy in the nearby river, Bruce was a bit hesitant. Having our son, Sean, recommend a recent TV documentary about crocodiles in Costa Rica was poorly timed and, as you could imagine, did little to settle Bruce’s nerves.  However today he took the plunge.

Bruce and Candido in the riverFirst was the shock!   As one would expect, but apparently Bruce didn’t anticipate, river water is quite a bit colder than the warm waters of the Caribbean.  I think at this point Bruce might have threatened to dunk Candido since he seemed to be enjoying Bruce’s discomfort just a tad too much!

Bruce dipping further down into the water as Candido watches.Trying to acclimate before therapy begins.

Bruce begins to swimBruce’s instructions are to swim using his arms only, while Candido holds his feet.  In this way, Bruce is using only his arm and back muscles.

As Bruce uses just his arms to swim, Candido holds his feet.Each time Bruce was encouraged to swim just as long as he was comfortable, and rest before repeating a couple more times.  By the time Bruce was finally finished, I think the cool river water was considerably more delightful  than at the start.  That “dunk” he threatened Candido with, never happened but I’m pretty sure he might have gotten a friendly splash in as he exited the water.

This weekend, we will continue the water therapy ourselves, but this time in the warm Caribbean waters.


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Currently spending much of my time contemplating the remainder of my life ... realizing the importance of dreams that are fulfilled, support of those closest to you, and the value in downsizing and living with less.
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