Pura Vida!

I had expected a few folks, those who we saw on nearly a daily basis last summer, to remember us but turns out,  we were noticed by a far greater number than I ever thought. Of course, remembering “us” was in most part due to having noticed us with our girls or Tim or Kayla but all the same, locals, young and old,  greet us most enthusiastically and ask about the family.   We actually know a good number of the locals by name now!

Last summer Tim and I watched an outdoor movie one evening with a Jamaican woman by the name of Boi Boi.  The evening ended with the two strolling arm in arm down the street happily singing Stand By Me.  Boi Boi is a legion in her own right, mentioned in most all Costa Rican travel books.  She has sold homemade bread here in Puerto Viejo for years but it is her voice that is most amazing.

A few days ago, I ran into Boi Boi and was able to introduce her to Bruce.  Without skipping a beat, she broke into song and before I knew it, they were enjoying an impromptu jam session in front of the Old Harbour Supermarket.

Bruce & Boi BoiAfter asking about Timoteo, she invited us to the open mike session at Stanford’s Bar on Sunday evening.  We arrived a bit too early (even though “open mike” was scheduled at 9 pm, we had forgotten to adjust to the Costa Rican “tico time”) so we leisurely wandered down the road.  A young vendor was busy welcoming Timoteo back when someone unexpectedly embraced him and started singing. Yes, it was Boi Boi!!

Tim and Boi BoiOff to Standfords together, we enjoyed some great music from a variety of folks but, truly, it was the a capella voice of Boi Boi that amazed us once again.

Tonight we met old friends, Carter (from Michigan) and Pamela (from Chile) who own and operate Loco Natural Casas in Playa Negra.  Actually, Carter was playing tonight at the restaurant, Tamara, so we had the extra enjoyment of listening to his new music, which is nothing less than awesome, while we visited with Pamela.


Carter on the drums

Carter on the drums

Puerto Viejo is rustic and lacks the sophistication of the big city but it certainly makes up for it with it’s friendly spirit, music and relaxing pace of life.  It is a pleasure to be back.


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