Today in Puerto Viejo

Our day started with a visit to the indigenous curandaro, Candido.  Today we were invited into the new building that will eventually house the reception/waiting area.  Little did we know that today was a day for fun and games!

Tim has been challenged by a seizure disorder for over 15 years now and uncontrolled seizures (despite taking mucho medication) for the last 11 years.  Today Candido would be testing Tim’s memory and brain functions.  Candido had set up the table with three gourd bowls.  He explained to Tim that the one on his far right was filled with seeds (both male and female), the middle bowl was empty and the one on the left was filled with water.  Tim was first to take one seed at a time out of the bowl on the right and, counting aloud, place them into the empty bowl.  After he counted out the seeds, he was to then transfer all the seeds to the bowl with water.  Candido pointed out that the seeds that floated were female,  whereas the ones that sunk were male.  Tim’s job was to count and return only the female floaters to the empty bowl. Each part of the test was timed and recorded.  Candido explained that the timed responses would help determine the strength of the herbs Tim would receive.

Tim sitting at a table while Candido explains the test.

Kayla is being seen for an anxiety disorder.  She is easily overstimulated and reacts with anger or frustration.  Candido wanted to test to see how much stimulation she could handle so he asked her to play the marachas close to her ears (audio stimulation) while he applied pressure to various areas of her back (physical stimulation).  How much is too much.

Kayla playing marachas during exam
No games for Bruce or I.  😦

Kayla though was instructed to simmer the leaves from two different plants, cool and then use the liquid to bath her entire head before bedtime.  She has taken to calling this her “Anxieties Be Gone” bathwater!

Here’s a look at all our “medications” thus far!

Variety of herbal medications

We arrived back home just in time for a quick lunch before Camelita arrived, then Bruce and I rode our bikes to Cocles Beach.  I know we’ve been to the beach numerous times now but really, this weather screams BEACH.

beautiful view of the sandy beach and blue waters of Cocles


White sandy beaches

Unfortunately it was a bit too crowded today.  We think we might have heard voices in the distance.  Joking aside,  the sandy beach and warm blue water was amazing.  To have this beach to ourselves was just unbelievable.

View of Cocles Beach

A cool refreshing ride back  through the jungle on the beach path returned us home.

Bruce on the bike path

beach bike path

view of the beach bike path

Another perfect day!


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7 Responses to Today in Puerto Viejo

  1. judithhb says:

    I am in awe of the way that you accept and respond to these challenges. Your children are certainly surrounded by and aware of your love (and Bruce’s of course). “)

  2. mairedubhtx says:

    I hope the cuandaro’s remedies work for you.

    • dbdaze says:

      Thank you! I trust Candido’s knowledge and experience but know that sometimes healing takes longer than a “vacation.” I will be forever grateful for Tim’s healing last summer. His OCD “picking” was such a huge problem for so long, if it is the ONLY thing Candido is able to cure, I will be content. I expect though that we will see improvement before we leave.

  3. mariahday says:

    So how did Tim and Kayla do with their tests?

    • dbdaze says:

      Tim was able to follow all instructions directly from Candido in rapid Spanish. It wasn’t so much on following directions, but remembering what he had discovered (previous number totals) and looking at how quickly he was able to respond to a request. No right or wrong — just to provide info on medication dosage and strength.

      Kayla was relieved (you know how she doesn’t take well to new and unexpected requests) that the testing was more game playing than anything else. She loved the morachas and though the loud sound combined with strong touch was uncomfortable, she was able to bear it. Candido was looking to see if her response would be to stop the action she had control over. She slowed her shaking but did not stop. Again, this gives him infromation he uses to prepare medication.

  4. mariahday says:

    Please dear God, tell me dad is NOT wearing spandax!!!!!

    • dbdaze says:

      Rest assured, dear daughter, your father is NOT wearing spandax. We may be in Costa Rica but news travels fast these days and he wouldn’t risk you discovering a fashion faux pas of that nature! LOL

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