Return to the Indigenous Herbal Healer, Don Candido Morales

Our main reason for returning to Puerto Viejo this summer was to continue treatment by the indigenous curandero, Don Candido Morales .  But this year, rather than just Timoteo, we have all  (Bruce, Kayla and I) decided to see him.

Indigenous Curandero, Don Candido Morales

We had expected to have our first appointment within a couple of days of arriving but Enrique, Candido’s son, rescheduled due to an emergency that needed to be dealt with last week.  Turns out that the emergency was a request by the world class Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose.  A patient being seen for advanced diabetes showed an unbelievable improvement in a very short period of time, and when questioned further, it was discovered that this patient had recently received a week of treatment from Don Candido. Not having seen anything like this, they invited Candido to come to San Jose so they could learn more about his treatment.

It pleases me to see Candido’s work being recognized but I am also acutely aware that Candido’s work is very patient-specific.  His knowledge can’t be bottled and sold but there are some who seriously suggest just that.  Perhaps that’s the greatest difference between Candido’s approach and treatment, and that of traditional medicine.  Despite his poverty, Candido is committed to holding himself to the highest of standards.  He is a remarkably honest man and is dedicated to remaining true to his cultural ways and values.  He is also very quick to give all credit for his gift of knowledge and healing to the creator, Sibu.

Bruce standing in the door of the medicine hut

Bruce standing at the door of the medicine hut

Inside the medicine hut

Interior of hut

After our initial greetings and Candido’s apology for having to reschedule our appointment, examinations began.

Bruce's examCandido explains

After the examinations, Candido leaves the hut to gather the herbs and plants needed to make the medicines.

Tropical plants and herbs grow outside the medicine hut.

Handle of a knife is used to pound leaves

Candido squeezes liquid into a small jar.

Preparing a salve








We are each given a specific herbal drink and instructions for usage.  Tim and Kayla are given a salve to heal abrasions.  Bruce and I are also given a salve but one in which we are taught to massage onto specific areas of the body.  In addition, Bruce and Kayla are given some dietary restrictions and we are all scheduled to return in 3 days time.

From what I learned last year, improvement can be a  slow process.  Candido will make changes or additions depending on further exams, as well as questioning but it is likely to take time for improvement.  In Tim’s case last summer, he didn’t show any improvement until the day he announced the problem was gone!  We who are used to the traditional medical approach (most often receiving immediate results from prescribed medications) need to be patient.  Herbal medicines need to be slowly increased due to it’s powerful qualities.  In contrast to traditional medications, herbal medicines do not come with a list of possible side-effects and potential health dangers.

And so our journey into good health and healing has begun!


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7 Responses to Return to the Indigenous Herbal Healer, Don Candido Morales

  1. I like that you’re writing about this! I had a lot of success with an elderly woman I met from the Dominican Republic who is a Naturopath doctor. I feel that she saved my life by treating me for a bad parasitic infection that I unfortunately got while living in Costa Rica. After three years of seeing traditional doctors, doing numerous exams and being told that nothing was wrong with me, I met this understanding woman who provided me with a natural way of healing, and it worked! Traditional medicine has it’s place, but I’m much more wary of it than I was before…

    • dbdaze says:

      I haven’t wrote enough about our experience this year but my son’s seizures continue to improve and we were lucky enough to come home with enough natural herbs to continue treatment for another 2 months. I know many would scoff at being treated by a poor indigenous man in a dirt hut on banana leaves but I’m a believer!!! Thank for sharing your experience — traditional medicine isn’t the “end-all”. We need to be more open and learn from one another.

  2. Linda says:

    Loving this story and can’t wait for more!

  3. judithhb says:

    Hope to hear more of this remarkable man.

  4. mairedubhtx says:

    I am very interested in your experience with traditional healing. Thanks for posting your experiences, as I am at the point that I need to do something different from what the doctors here are doing.

    • dbdaze says:

      It saddens me that traditional medicine cannot see the importance of accepting and embracing the benefits of alternative methods. We have so much to learn.

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