Beach Life in Puerto Viejo

We have been getting rain here in Puerto Viejo, much like back home in Everson, but it mostly falls during the night.  Even if we have overcast skies, the weather is very pleasant and the water delightful.

Bruce enjoying the water at Playa Negra

Bruce enjoying the water at Playa Negra

Today, Bruce and I decided to test the big waves at Playa Negra during a light drizzle.

We had such a fun time trying to keep our balance as the waves crashed into us and we weren’t above screaming with minor fear as a “big one” approached.

Last summer we spent all of our swimming time at Playa Negra but once Tim and Kayla tried the calmer waters nearer our casa this year, they no longer want to return to Playa Negra. This is totally understandable given that their balance is compromised by cerebral palsy. Once Tim had a seizure during one of our beach excursions and even though he was in shallow water, his body was dead weight making it challenging to keep him upright and out of the battering waves.  I appreciate, as much as they do, the calmer waters where we can all relax and enjoy cooling off in the tropical water.

Each morning before breakfast, Bruce & I have been taking a long bike ride.  Yesterday we rode to Cocles.  Cocles is well-known for their sandy beaches and good surfing conditions.

Bird's eye view of Cocles Beach

Cocles Beach

Surfer riding the crest of the wave
Surfing at Cocles

It was early but in a few hours surfers would arrive by foot, bike , or scooter to ride the waves. It is the main past time of the local boys.

Unlike most beach communities though, these here have yet to become crowded.  Most days you’d be lucky to see more than a handful of folks as you walk the beach or go for a swim.  Truth be, you’d probably be just as apt to run into a few horses as you would people!

Unattended horses on the beach


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One Response to Beach Life in Puerto Viejo

  1. judithhb says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying your new life and it appears the kids are too.
    Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

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