And the Tortoise Wins the Race!

Lately, my mind has been swarming with thoughts of the future.  Somehow I thought that by this age, the most serious challenges would have been behind me and it would be free sailing from here on out.  Oh my, was I wrong!  Perhaps I’m premature in my judgement but, at least for the time being, important life decisions are looming ahead and waiting for me to set the path.

It’s mind boggling enough when Bruce and I struggle with our future plans, all dependent on how far our savings/investments will carry us.  Personally, I prefer “certainties” but when you are dealing in the stock market, that option doesn’t exist.  Adds a little angst to my plate that already is overflowing. Perfect, huh?

Downsizing …. boy oh boy, do we have stuff!  Over 10 years ago, we moved from our 1600 square foot home in the city to our present country home of almost 5000 square feet!  Pure bliss, right?  Unfortunately, the added space provided a headiness that allowed us to collect and store enough “stuff” to fill every nook and cranny.  What seemed like a blessing 10 years ago, now feels like a burden.  A few months ago, I eagerly began an attempt to downsize — motivated to simplify our life.  Whoa!  Downsizing is no easy task, let me tell you!  It’s simply embarrassing how much we possess!  The way I see it, the task of downsizing will take so long, we won’t even reach the next challenging stage!!  LOL

Concern for our children lasts a lifetime.  No matter how well they are doing, we remain vigilant.  If our children have extra needs, our concerns take on an even greater challenge.  The natural transition into independent living is heightened by a myriad of obstacles and  complicated decisions.

The burden of my responsibility seems to have reproduced prolifically rather than diminished in size and quantity, as I once so naively envisioned.

But then again, I’ve always loved a good challenge!  Slow and steady, is my new mantra …

Tortoise reaching the finish line ahead of the hare.


About dbdaze

Currently spending much of my time contemplating the remainder of my life ... realizing the importance of dreams that are fulfilled, support of those closest to you, and the value in downsizing and living with less.
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One Response to And the Tortoise Wins the Race!

  1. judithhb says:

    Hi Debbie – great post. Have you heard Zig Ziglar’s ‘You can eat an elephant a bite at a time”?

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