Just Lookin’ For A Home …

Today I decided to begin investigating our living possibilities for the future.  The part of downsizing that bothers me is not knowing where we are going from here, so I decided to have a little fun and imagine the possibilities!  Rather than research where, I decided to collect ideas of what we would live in.  The possibilities are endless … really!

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If it wasn’t for the price of gasoline, I’d say we should go for the traveling log home!  But then again, it wouldn’t take much to talk me into the Hobbit or African Shoe House.  I really do love things that are a tad bit quirky!

Guess the Boll Weevil isn’t the only one looking’ for a home!


About dbdaze

Currently spending much of my time contemplating the remainder of my life ... realizing the importance of dreams that are fulfilled, support of those closest to you, and the value in downsizing and living with less.
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6 Responses to Just Lookin’ For A Home …

  1. judithhb says:

    Hi Debbie. I am so sorry to learn of your children’s disabilities. That makes any and all decisions on your future particularly hard. Here in NZ we are also experiencing major cuts to health and assistance for those in need. I guess it’s the same the world over. There is really nothing I can say to lighten your load. So I send this with love from the other side of the world and will keep you in my thoughts.

  2. judithhb says:

    Hello Debbie. Well the kids have grown and now it’s time for you two to have fun. And finding a new home should be fun. I recently visited Hobbiton http://www.hobbitontours.com/ here in New Zealand with a friend from Paris. They were very strict so we couldn’t take any photos of the lovely little houses there – are you over 3ft 6″ if the answer is yes – sorry you wont get into the houses.
    So you may have to rethink. But a gypsy caravan could be an option.
    In any event take your time and have fun. By the way, we have a boat and a marina for sale here in Wellington. Could that be an option

    • dbdaze says:

      Oh, Judith, how unlike you to burst my bubble!! So, I guess Hobbit housing is out of the picture for me since I top out at 5’1 these days — looks like that traveling log home may be my ticket!

      Now a boat?? As long as it was a moored house boat I probably would love it but since I’m a non-swimmer with some major water issues, I’d prefer to keep my feet on dry land. Oh my, a gypsy caravan really appeals to me!!

    • dbdaze says:

      Well, Judith — the “kids” may be grown but it’s premature to say they are “gone.” Kayla, our youngest, has one more year of school and then it’s decision making time. Three of our children have disabilities for which they will need lifetime assistance in many areas. We are investigating the possibilities right now but our country’s budget cuts unfortunately have seriously affected many programs for the elderly, disabled and children. So in the midst of decided on OUR future, we must decide on THEIR future! I try to stay positive but some days I honestly think my head may pop from the number of challenges we need to address as we press forward! lol

  3. Barbara Snow says:

    Just think of all the adventures you could have trying out living in any one of them! I agree, the rolling log cabin might be the easiest to for you to adjust to! We have six kids between us……and we told them one day in jest, that we would like to stay two months with each one and could they tell us the best months for them………you can imagine what kind of response we got with that one! My problem is that at times we have had two or three houses at once…….and that brings problems also! I don’t think any decision is easy!

    • dbdaze says:

      After years and years of dreaming of living in a country log home, we finally did, so I believe dreams can and do come true! Who knows, ya just may catch a glimpse of us traveling out of town in our mobile log home headed to check out a Hobbit house that just came on the market! lol

      Hey, we didn’t raise a large family without a good reason — “shared enjoyment” of us, by our kids, could surely be a reality someday. (Note to my children: you may want to consider which months you would most likely want to “enjoy” us. Just remember, we’re flexible now but in our later years, that may change. ~ Hugs)

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