On The Road Again!

Up at 4 am … Drove to Lynden Transit terminal … left the car and boarded the Airporter shuttle heading for Sea-Tac. Dressed for New Orleans’ weather, so I’m currently huddled in a ball waiting for the van to warm up.Thank goodness for portable technology! Brianna is deep into a book via her Kindle and I, as you may have figured, am blogging on my iPad. Whereas, I wasn’t hungry at 5:30 am when we left home, I’m ravenous now. Got my hopes up when the woman at the Burlington station, where we made a 5 minute stop, said yes, indeed they had hot water. Visions of a cup of hot green tea quickly fizzled as the woman motioned to a sink and I realized she meant hot TAP water! It didn’t help matters to see a drive thru espresso shop in the near distance and know there wasn’t time. Obviously, I will have to hold out until we reach the airport. Very bad planning on my part.
Seven days in New Orleans … Brianna offered to tag along as my caretaker following my surgery on Thursday. This surgery is a continuation of the reconstruction I began last November. It’s half as long, requiring only a one night stay in the hospital so we’re hoping for some quality time together in the French Quarter as well!
Not much humor in my writing today … Too cold and hungry.


About dbdaze

Currently spending much of my time contemplating the remainder of my life ... realizing the importance of dreams that are fulfilled, support of those closest to you, and the value in downsizing and living with less.
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3 Responses to On The Road Again!

  1. LindaLou says:

    Thinking of you Debbie!!!

  2. Barbara Snow says:

    I am sending you good vibes…..and have signed you up for a modeling position with Victoria’s Secret……seriously, my thoughts are with you while you are in surgery and afterwards……..and I guess I want you to have fun in New Orleans, even if I am very jealous…..looks like our weather will be cold while you bask in the warm weather…….it will make up for your ride to the airport! I was glad to see you on Sunday….sorry we stayed so long……I would like to come look at weaving books when you get going again and perhaps some tencel yarn…….Barbara

    • Debbie Day says:

      What do you mean, you were sorry you stayed so long??? Both Bruce & I enjoyed talking with you and your husband. Definitely come back and peruse my books and yarns. I sold another table loom yesterday!!

      The weather in NO has been cold up until just last weekend. I’m sure Bri and I are both going to enjoy a weeks with temps in the 70’s.

      Victoria Secret, huh? What a friend! I’ll let Dr. S know so he’ll be extra sure to do his magic!!

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