Fore the Love of Golf!

My husband is a golfer.  He plays often but if you ask him, probably not often enough.  I tried the game for awhile — actually even went so far as to take some lessons.  Though I enjoyed sharing the time together, I just didn’t share his passion.  I actually preferred playing the game with a female friend of mine.  It was quite acceptable for either of us to pick up the ball and give it a toss in the air, rather than lose ourselves to the frustration of a poorly played game.   There was never any emphasis placed on the final score and, now that I think about it, we may not have kept score at all!   For us, it was always an enjoyable social exercise. Of course, my husband takes the game seriously which has made me wonder many times why he would choose a game that so often left him frustrated and upset.  I’ve given up trying to understand.

What confuses me even more, is a golfer’s  dress code?  Where are their wives or partners when they leave home?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Perhaps they feel that if they can’t always win, they can always steal away some of the attention with their sense of style (or lack thereof).

JFYI: Bruce dresses himself these days but did need some input earlier on.


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Currently spending much of my time contemplating the remainder of my life ... realizing the importance of dreams that are fulfilled, support of those closest to you, and the value in downsizing and living with less.
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2 Responses to Fore the Love of Golf!

  1. Krystal says:

    Are you kidding? The outfits are the BEST part if golf!!!! And the slide show you found is hilarious!!!!

  2. Bobbe McGill says:

    The slideshow is hilarious.

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